Demo release on Steam!

Hey you guys!

Today I have spend a bunch of time preparing for the demo release on Steam! The game is as ready as it gets with the new version 0.5.1, and I am both excited and terrified to let it into the big digital world of games out there haha

|   Demo release!   |

Now, Steam and Steamworks is a very complicated, slightly messy program, and i think the demo will release on Steam the 25th, in 3 days. I think ... I may be wrong. I may have misunderstood something or clicked the wrong button somewere. I will take from it as a learning experience, and will of course do my best to make it happen xD

|   The Future of Development   |

The demo release also marks the end of adding new features to the game! From here on, I will focus entirely on finishing the game with the features already present in it. I will of course still polish, bugfix and add more maps to increase variation, and new stuff that appear in the game as a whole, such as thunder spells that I have not made yet, will also enter the demo as the development progresses. :D

I am going to stop talking before I write a novel of excitement, and wish you guys an absolutely awesome day!
- Plant

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