0.5.2 has been released!

Hey you guys!

Version 0.5.2 has just been released, improving and fixing a bunch of stuff according to your feedback! It has been released here on Itch as well as Steam! :D

With that said, I hope you guys are having an awesome day, take care!
- Plant

  • Fixed a bug that caused game crash whenever you leave a room containing a frost trap
  • Added new sound effects to Neferin Taint to fix the loud noise from the spell. It now has 8 sounds in total that variate.
  • Altered the ruins soundtrack, removing the long entrance choir song, skipping directly to the actual ruins soundtrack. This choir theme may be used later in an altered version.
  • Fixed an issue that caused UI to shake along with screen shake
  • Mastery Cooldown counter now uses the correct text font
  • The keys in the UI now changes along with custom keybindings
  • Fixed a bug that caused skill points menu and settings menu to bug when pressing K to set keybindings.
  • Heightened the keys in the UI as they got too close to the bottom of the screen
  • Added keys to the Skill Point and Inventory in the UI
  • Fixed description for Black Skull. Changed “Neferin Breath” to “Neferin Taint”
  • Altered a map at level 3
  • Fixed a map that made reading about the rewards in a trap puzzle impossible, due to the traps getting in the way


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