We made it to Steam!

Hey you guys!

Today is a really special day, as the demo of Godstone, has finally made it to Steam

It has been 5 years of development with many ups and downs, but this is the biggest 'up' I have ever experienced!
I started out making games when I was about 13 years old, absolutely convinced I was going to make the next big mmorpg. It took me about 1 day to realise that was not gonna happen ... yeah. xD

After that, I worked on a bunch of small games, but only ever finished a very few of them. I realised this after wondering why I had no more space on my computer, until I discovered a folder with over 100 unfinished games. It was like a revelation. It taught me that I should probably finish my stuff haha.

That ended up being this game! I had never made a large game before, and had to learn through the making of this one. This means there has been a lot of retakes, remakes and changes until I hit a core gameplay that I felt worked. This journey has taught me so much, escpecially just how much it takes to make a game by yourself from scratch.

But the game is not done yet! There is still a bunch of stuff to be added, and these are some of them that will enter the final game:

- NPC's with advanced dialog and unique personalities

- A whole remake of the camp area

- A completely remastered tutorial that introduces the player to the world, characters and game mechanics in a much more fun way - starring the playable characters Guy and Alva and their lore.

- Two additional areas after the Ruins, containing many more bosses, spells and variating enemies

- The Bloodtree, a permanent skilltree to enhance your playstyle, allowing you to make many different builds

- A story that evolves as you play

So join in on the Discord community, try the game out on Steam and let me know what you think of it!
Your feedback means a lot, and has had a huge effect on Godstones development. This game would not have been what it is today without all of you guys' support! Thank you so much for that!

Check Godstone out on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1715030/Godstone/

Join the Discord! discord.gg/PxS6mMbV7Q

I am going to stop talking before I write a novel of excitement, and wish you guys an absolutely awesome day!

- Plant

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