Godstone Devlog 22: I'm Back!

Hello you guys!

Long time no see!

I have finally passed my exams, and 2 months of much needed vacation has officially begun. As bad as I am at taking breaks, I will also resume working on Godstone again!

This means there will be much more regular updates and news during the vacation, and if everything goes smoothly, we will have a complete base game with a settings menu, drop down menus and a completely finished interface as well as a ton of new levels to explore for the first area!

You guys have also shown interest for the demo version to be released on Steam, so I will also make sure that happens too!

I hope you guys are having an awesome time, and I will see you around!

- Plant

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good job on passing your exams! I am so happy to get more updates for this game

Thank you so much! I am also really happy to be back on track! Cant wait to get the new update out there :D