Godstone dev log 18: 0.4 Releases 10th April

Hey you guys!

I have been super busy with update 0.4, and I am so close to finishing it I can safely announce its release in 1 week, 10th april

This update comes with a bunch of polish on combat, both for the player, bosses and enemies. All melee combat has been enhanced, collisions have been improved, a lot of work has gone into making spells feel more impactful, and of course, 5 new skills have been added to the game!

Along with this comes a bunch of bugfixing!

The update after this one

Similar to update 0.4, the next update after this one will also focus on polishing and bugfixing the content already in the game. However, a lot of people have asked for a settings menu that allows them to control music, sound, keybindings and textfont for people with dyslexia. These are all things that will be added to it, and will have the highest priority!
If you have any wishes for settings you would like in the game, you are more than welcome to suggest them ^^

As always, I hope you guys are having an awesome day!
- Plant

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HAve a nice day too! Good update!


Thank you! ^^